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Wet Hop Requiem IPA


Birrificio Bube's Brewery
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style India Pale Ale
Grado 5,1 %

This beauty is a complete work of art! Bryan and I picked 22 lbs of fresh Cascade hops from 3 gigantic hop vines Bryan has at his house. Hops produce an overabundance of hop cones and we were there for the picking. Even after 22 lbs, we hardly put a dent in the yield! we are 3 weeks later, the beer is on tap and it is the freshest...hoppiest...flavorful beer you can imagine! Needless to say, we are proud of this beauty from the ground, up! We wanted a full-flavored IPA, so Bryan suggested we use our Requiem IPA recipe, and calculate for fresh, whole hop cones. Worked beautifully!! We ended up with an IPA with so much up-front flavor you would think you are enjoying a high octane Imperial! Instead, this is a middle-of-the-road IPA, at 5.2% abv!! This just goes to show how a hugely flavorful IPA can be loaded-up with fresh ingredients and come out the other end, a tasty LOW octane, treat! Bryan and I hope you get to stop in soon to try this one out! We decorated Bube's with some of the actual hop vines we pulled from. For the true hophead, you will be in heaven. And for the all-around beer enthusiasts, we hope you can appreciate the creativity in this beer. I know I'm proud to say I had a hand in this one!!

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