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Calico Amber Ale


Birrificio Ballast Point Brewing
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Amber/Red Ale
Grado 5 %

The Calico Amber Ale was inspired by the beers of England. In England most of the beer is some kind of "bitter". Bitter is a style that became popular in the late 1800's. The most famous examples are brewed in Burton on Trent. This hard water gives these beer a pleasantly dry bitter finish, hence the name "bitter." A brewery usually brews several bitters of various alcohol strengths. The lowest in alcohol (and usually flavor) is called "bitter" or "ordinary bitter." A step up in alcohol and hop character gives us "best bitter" or "special bitter." Finally a beer is made that is full of hop aroma and flavor, has a maltiness to match, and a generous amount of alcohol is called an "extra special bitter" or E.S.B. Although inspired by the British Ales Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale uses distinctive American hops, which give not only the crisp bitterness to balance the malt, but also a hint of floral aroma. We brew Calico Amber Ale with 100% malt and use 4 different malts to give it a rich complexity. The blend of crystal malts give it flavors including toffee and caramel. A blend of American Cascade and Centennial hops provide a counterpoint to the malt. Finally our proprietary yeast provides a fruity background and a Madeira like richness that rounds out this gold medal winning ale.

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