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Dundee Pale Ale


Birrificio High Falls Brewing
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Pale Ale
Grado 5,3 %

Behold the hop. A flower, but too unsightly to be used for decoration. The ugly duckling of the flower family. Oh, but the secret it holds. Soak it in some water with the right companions and it surrenders its bouquet to use a corny flower metaphor. That unique hop flavor is the difference between a fine pale ale and more ordinary beers. Dundee Pale Ale understands the secret of the hop flower—the power to turn an ordinary beer into something extraordinary. And the power to make you indescribably hoppy. A wonderfully balanced true pale ale. Cascade, Tomahawk, and Amarillo hops create a citrusy aroma with a smooth, crisp finish. A subdued malt character nicely complements the hop complexity and produces an orangey amber hue.

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