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Kells Irish Style Lager


Birrificio Rogue Ales
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Lager
Grado 5 %

In 1998 the McAleese Brothers, owners of Kells Irish Pubs in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA, wanted to make an American beer that would float Guinness. Gerard and Patrick McAleese asked John Maier to create a beer with a green apple bite flavor profile. It took four batches to get it just right. John used acidulated malts imported from Europe to get the crisp, lemony/apple flavor the McAleese Brothers wanted. The bottle label reflects the McAleese family heritage, puctures the Kells Irish Pub logo, and a traditional Irish flutist. The first Kells Irish Pub opened in Seattle in October 1983 in Post Alley, above the historic Pike Place Market. The restaurant will remind you of the Old Country with its warm, cozy atmosphere and traditional surroundings. Theres also a patio outside thats a great place to feel the breeze from the Puget Sound and the buzz from the Market. Kells has Seattles largest selection of Single Malt Scotch. The Kells Irish Pub in Portland is a local landmark and has been named the #1 Irish Entertainment venue in America. Sit by the fire, belly up to the bar, check out the cigar room, and dont miss the St. Patricks Day Festival, the largest Irish Fest in Oregon. The Pub in San Francisco is next to the historic North Beach neighborhood and reflects the Old World charm and hospitality the McAleese family brought with them from Ireland. Kells Irish Lager has won world-wide acclaim by winning 8 medals from the World Beer Championship and a Gold Medal at the Australian International Beer Awards. Kells Irish Lager is brewed with 7 ingredients: Great Western Pale, Crystal, Wheat and Acidulated Malts; Sterling Hops; Free Range COastal Water and Czech Pilsner Yeast.

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