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Onward Stout


Birrificio Yazoo Brewing
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Stout
Grado 3,7 %

The tan lace clings to the glass as you raise the pint to your lips. Close your eyes and smile as the rich espresso notes fade to a dry, roasted finish. Exceptionally smooth and satisfying. Made with English Pale malt, roasted barley, black patent malt, and flaked barley. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and Target hops, and fermented with our English ale yeast. Food Pairings: The combination of Onward Stout and oysters is a match made in heaven. It also goes well with other shellfish, grilled steaks, and believe it or not, rich chocolate desserts. Carbonade Flamande, seared beef cubes simmered in Stout for several hours, is a classic Belgian dish. OG: 11.3 Plato FG: 4.3 Plato IBUs: 35 SRM: 45 3.8% abv

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