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General Washington Tavern Porter


Birrificio Yards Brewing
Nazione United States
Stile Porter
Grado 7 %

By George, I think we've got it. Days of debate and deliberation at Independence Hall were often followed by nights of debate and deliberation (and a few libations) at the City Tavern, where our forefathers would gather to exchange revolutionary ideas. Rich and warming with a deep garnet hue, the molasses-based Tavern Porterâ„¢ reflects Washington's admiration of Philadelphia-style porters and follows a recipe Washington used himself, when brewing beer to satisfy his thirsty field officers. Enjoy a taste of history, courtesy of Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia's premier brewer and bottler. Historical note: Our new brewery is located just blocks away from the site of Robert Hair's brewery, where Washington's favorite Philadelphia Porter was crafted.

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