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Olde Buzzard Lager


Birrificio Buzzards Bay Brewing Inc.
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Lager
Grado 5 %

Our Lager (Dortmund-style) is brewed with pale, Munich and Vienna malts and is moderately hopped with Hallertauer hops. Dortmund is an industrial, steel-making town and its lagers are hearty, easy drinking brewskies. The hops balance the malt but not overtly so. A great brew for the end of a hard day at work. Winner of the Gold Medal for Best European Style Pilsner at the 2000 Great American Beer Festival , Gold Medal at the 5th and 6th Great International Beer Festival, Silver Medals at the 7th Great International Beer Festival and 9th Great International Beer Festival, and Bronze Medal at the 8th Great International Beer Festival and 11th Great International Beer Festival!

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