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Irish Stout


Birrificio Brewery Creek Brewing
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Stout
Grado 0 %

"Guinness" is the prototype of all modern stouts. Many people, however, don't realize that there are different varieties of "Guinness" brewed around the world. "Draught Guinness* and "Foreign Extra Stout" are the two primary types brewed in Ireland. Foreign Extra is the one I have emulated. It is closer in style to the London Porters of old than to modern stout. Very dark and rich, not as dry as Draught, about 6% abv and around 60 IBUs (that's hop bitterness). I used "First Gold" hops because that's what I could get. Guinness use Nitrogen mixed with carbon dioxide to dispense their stout which adds to the creamy mouth-feel. BTW: The "Imported" Guinness you buy here in the US comes from Canada. It could just as well be brewed in the US but the common wisdom in the brewing world is that Americans prefer "imported" beers and will pay more for them.

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