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Harpoon Ale


Birrificio Harpoon Brewery - Boston
Nazione United States
Stile American-Style Pale Ale
Grado 5 %

From Harpoon's site: "When first seeing Harpoon Ale in a glass, you will notice its golden caramel color. You will also see that it is not excessively carbonated. High carbonation would mask this beer’s subtle flavor. The first aroma will be fruity. This is produced by the yeast and is a signature characteristic of Harpoon’s proprietary yeast strain. The second perceptible aroma is from the malt, with a delicate caramel note. Upon tasting Harpoon Ale, you will find that the malty, fruity character is nicely balanced by the mild hop bitterness. It has a smooth, medium body. The finish of this beer is crisp but not dry. The overall character of this beer is fruity, balanced, and mild.";"0

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